tisdag 2 maj 2017

Storyjumper - how to present your story in an exciting way

Storyjumper is an exciting tool that really can stimulate our pupils writing. Here they (and you as a eacher of course)  can create exciting books of different characters. I myself can see a huge number of ways to use this tool in school from storytelling to writing presentations, it is only our own imagination that sets the limit for the use of this tool. Whilst you have an account you can start immediately. Although I would like to emphazise that a digital tool is just a tool, in order for it to enhance a persons writing you need to have prepared a storyboard with a strong story, manuscript before you can get started. It is a real task for the 21st CL student to think through which parts of the story to enhance, which parts is carrying the story forward, which ones is important for the core understanding of the story. AS soon as they figure this out they can start visualising their story/presentation. Read more about it here (use translation): Digital Storytelling
When you are logged in you start by choosing Library and there you choose to create a new book. THe first thing you need to do is choos which option to use, do you want an empty book and fill the pages yourself or do you want a book already prepared in a certain way were the structure is already set. There are different templates to choos from.  You can use your own pictures or already prepared backgrounds, it is all up to you. You add text, your own voice as a narrative, pictures to build your story. The book I have created as an example is automatically created whilst you have chosen a name and a gender and those two are inserted in the story about a sea monster.
Start today, you will learn in five minutes how it works and you can learn about Storyjumper together with your students if you like. As soon as it is published you can order it as a book with hardcover and keep it in your bookshelf in school for others to read.

Discover the joy in creating your own book!

Book titled 'Otto'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

Set time aside to also read the books of others in the webpage. They are entertaining and givs you new ideas of how to use this tool.