lördag 21 januari 2017

A way to use ICT in language learning

How  do you learn new words? How can we find out more information about a word? How can we support the pupils when thet learn new words? Our pupils need to learn many new words every day
in order for them to understand what they are working with. I wrote earlier about a tool called Visuwords - you can find it under English here on the blog, it is the second tool from the top. Now I want to give you yet another tool that is nice to use together with Visuwords. It is not visual as Visuwords but you get a lot of information about the word you type into the field.  THe tool is called Wordnik and it gives you a lot of information about etymologies, meaning and a lot of other information. As I see it you can combine these two. Only our own fantasy sets the limit for what you can do with these. Try them out!