torsdag 20 oktober 2016

DSoE in progress

For the fourth time during the project, the eight countries involved in DSoE met for a Transnational meeting. THis time it took place in Limoges and it was arranged by the Université de Limoges and lasted from the 12th of October until the 15th of October.

We got a very inspirational introduktion by André Tricot, Professor of Psychology in the Work and Cognition Lab (French national council for research - CNRS), Gerard McHughes and Robbie O´leary. They really set the theme on the conference and showed us that we are on the right path and that together we can overcome and accomplish anything. This was meant in a larger view than only the project but everyone in Europe.

Andre Tricot told us about the French school system and Gerard talked about the importance of preparing ourselves for the future that is already here. The development is going fast, very fast and we need to keep up and prepare our pupils for this exciting but unsure future. Finally Robbie talked about the enormous benefits of working digitally, what we need to do in order to become digital schools and and to help teachers to use digital tools in their everyday life.

The partners spent the entire conference doing administrative work and plan for how we are proceeding in the project. This was very fruitful. We are well on our way and we help each other out as much as we can.

It was an interesting meeting and it was very noticably that we now is half through the project and the interest in starting eTwinning projects within the project is increasing. Several eTwinning projects saw the light of day and will start during the next fw weeks. The networking started immediately for the teachers and kept going through the entire conference until our meeting was over and even though many of us didin't know each other to begin with we departed as friends.