tisdag 14 februari 2017

Digital Schools of Europe - We have a dream

Yet another Transnational Meeting has taken place and this time it was in Pisa. Partners, teachers, principal and leaders from the eight participating countries were all there. See here for more information. It is crystal clear that we are moving ahead in a speed that we could only dream about in the beginning. Now it is a fact that in Malmö we have a decision for Digital Schools of Malmö, and so has both Pisa and Oulu in Finland. This is exciting, thrilling and challenging. It enhances our efforts, deepens our discussions and makes us move forward together even faster. This time we had a lot of deep discussions about our Roadmap, dissemination, social media and digital courses for different categories av persons in order to have everyone with us (no teacher left behind) on all levels. Our discussions showed our strengths because at first on the surface our differences between our countries is visible but as we we go deeper in our discussions we find similarities and how many things we have in common and we can find solutions for everyone. The key to everything is clarity, to clarify to oneself, each other and to others what it is really about. Clarification is everything. It was refreshing and fantastic days in the partnergroup and while we took care of the administrative work the teachers and principals went to school visits and to visit robotic laboratories. They also got to see how they work with robotics in schools in Pisa. Marvellous hard working
Cristina is taking me to the university where I am going to have a
workshop about digital tools from this blog which they can use immediately.
You can find the presentation under "Presentationer".
Photographer: Mr Robbie O'Leary. 
days were we learnt so much and got to know so many wonderful persons from our different countries. Many new eTwinning projects has been initiated and  will start during the next month or so. See the film above that a teacher from Malmö, Mattias Isberg, made from our visit. I do believe from the bottom of my heart in the good that this project will do when it comes to enhancing the learning for the pupils, enhance their motivation and their curiosity which will help them become active European/world citizens. What if it could be Digital Schools of Europe ... Digital Schools of Africa ... of Asia ... Why not the world...?

We have a dream ...