lördag 18 februari 2017

Who writes our history - what to publish and what not to publish - who decides?

Cream Bun Day
Under "English" in this blog you can find the following link: Today in historyToday in history from Historynet provides a lot of material to work with as I see it. This is another webpage than the one I wrote about before which also gathers information from every date concerning history events, important birthdays and other important facts to remember. This can be used for a lot of different things in school and for different subjects. By comparing this site with the other a lot of questions directly comes to mind. (See the end of the blog entry). I also want to make you aware of yet a third, similar site and it is from Historychannel. You can find the links to all of them under "Historia". The third site has a link for every event it mentions were I can go to find out more about the event. Today I read on this site that it is Cream Bun Day on Iceland today and I had to look it up on the internet and yes, it was true. I found Visit Reykavik were they told us more about "Cream Bun Day".  I have been comparing the different sites with each other and what content they choose to present. These were the questions which arose from that reflection: What does these web sites have in common? Where do they differ?  what is the focus on each site? Is it the same in all three? Is this connected with who is behind the site? Who is behind the site? If I were the one responsible what would I like to present on a site like that? What is important to show others? What would a presentation like that look like? Would it be a lot of information from the 1900s or should it be devided equally from each century? Who decides? Who decides what to publish and, more importantly, what not to publish? Should it be divided equally between the continents or is it the big events only that has affected the whole world one way or the other that is the most important? How can these facts be visualized?