fredag 31 mars 2017

A Golden Opportunity for Learning

I want to give you an example of a tool that really combines learning and outdoor activity at the same time. It combines studying in a more traditional way with ICT and gives the teachers and the students the opportunity to learn collaboratively and in a real context. The teacher prepare the tour/treasure hunt on the computer while planning the lesson and combine all the material that you see fit. you ca add audio files as narrations, games, maps and pictures. Why not letting the students themselves create a GoldHunt for their classmates.

Through a tool on the web called Locatify you create a content for your students in any subject and then you locate questions/information on the map for your students to follow. Here you give the students the possibility to learn within a context and move around at the same time which is most often a very good combination in several ways; first of all when we engage our whole body we remember more and second it is of essence to create as stimulating environments as possible and these does not have to be within the walls of the classroom. Locatify gives us all that and more. The treasure hunt can also be used as a game and add a bit of an excitement into the activity as well, since you can gather points and solve challenges.

Look up Support för Locatify SmartGuide to find out more about these exciting treasure hunt games.

The app you use to take the treasure Hunt is called GoldHunt Education. The students needs some kind of device when they go for a GoldHunt. THey can play in teams or individually. On a map the students can see the locations that the teacher has posted and when they get within range of a location a question/a challenge or information appears on the screen.

If you perhaps remember an app called TurfHunt - then this is similar to that one but GoldHunt does not have third party in-app advertising. Turf Hunt has been popular in the Nordic countries.

With these Treasure Hunt Games the students gets involved, they get to experience their nearby environment but it is important to not add to many locations in one hunt because it gets tiring. 6 - 8 locations is my suggestion - it is better to make several shorter GoldHunts instead of a few longer. You need to keep them focused and to participate in follow-up activities as well.

Anyone can use your Treasure Hunt Game whilst you have published it and imagine how we can share and use each others GoldHunts and how much time that would save, the students could give feedback to each others hunts and maybe even adjust them according to the feedback. you can use them again and again when needed.

The opportunities with this tool are limitless and only your own imagination sets the limits. You ca engage the students in any subject, any time of the day and can be used even if they do not have internet on their devices. They have to download the game at school where they have connection and then as soon as they are back at the school again they can download their score.

I am looking forward to see how more and more Treasure Hunts are being created all over the map/the world. See you in GoldHunt Education.